The Manulife Investment Management team is committed to increasing the efficiency of our real estate portfolio and minimizing our overall impact on the environment through the use of sustainable property management and development strategies.

As a long-term real estate owner with a global portfolio of almost 60 million square feet, the team is acutely aware of the environmental and economic benefits that can be realized through sustainable building design. Manulife Investment Management new office tower developments target Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as the basis for design, with a focus on reducing operational energy consumption.

Our Mission Statement and Statement of Values in each of our management and leasing offices, acts as a reminder to all of our associates that they must do their part if our company is going to utilize and handle energy, water, and solid waste in the best possible ways. Perhaps most importantly, it provides a tool for others to hold our building accountable.

To learn more:

2020 Real Estate Sustainability Report (PDF) 2016 Sustainable Real Estate Policy (PDF)